Prof. Nicolas Thome
Lecturer Alasdair Newson
Postdoc Jayneel Parekh
Research Engineer Pegah Khayatan
Current PhD students
2023/03 - Loick Chambon (PhD) on forecasting and 3D scene understanding
2022/12 - Mustafa Shukor (PhD) on Vision Langage model adaptation
2022/10 - Hugo Laurencon (PhD) on training Vision Langage models


2021 - 2023 Alexandre Ramé (PhD) on deep ensembles
2020 - 2023 Asya Grechka (PhD) on GAN/diffusion editing
2020 - 2023 Guillaume Couairon (PhD) on text/im generation
2020 - 2023 Corentin Dancette (PhD) on bias in VQA and reasoning in deep nets
2019 - 2022 Rémy Sun (PhD) on semi-supervised neural networks
2019 - 2022 Hugo Touvron (PhD) on Architectures and Training for Visual Understanding
2019 - 2022 Arthur Douillard (PhD) on incremental/continual deep learning for classification and segmentation
2019 -2022 Antoine Saporta (PhD) on visual domain adaptation
2017-2020 Yifu Chen (PhD) on deep visualization and semantic segmentation
2019-2020 Eduardo Valle, visiting Professor
2017-2020 Daniel Brooks (PhD Supervisor Oliver Schwander) on deep for radar
2016-2020 Remi Cadene (PhD) on visual/textual deep representations with application to visual recipe recognition
2017-2020 Martin Engilberge (PhD) on deep multimodal embeddings and grounding
2016-2019 Eloi Mehr (PhD) on deep generative 3D models
2016-2019 Thomas Robert (PhD) on semi-supervised deep learning
2016-2019 Hedi Benyounes (PhD) on Visual Question Answering (VQA)
2018-2019 Arnaud dapogny [PostDoc]
2015-2018 Michaël Blot (PhD) on Study on training methods and Generalization performances of deep learning
2015-2018 Micael Carvalho (PhD) on Deep space representation
2015-2018 Taylor Mordan (PhD with Thales) on Designing deep architectures for visual understanding
2017-2018 David Picard [Associate Professor] CNRS delegation
2013-2017 Thibaut Durand (PhD) on weakly supervised image classification
2014-2017 Xin Wang (PhD) on learning visual representation with eye tracking analysis
2013-2016 Marion Chevalier (PhD with Thales) Deep with privileged Information
2012-2015 Cedric Lebarz (Thales / onera) on image retrieval and geolocalization
Feb-July 2014 Devinder Kumar Current Position: PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo
2011-2014 Marc Law (PhD) on metric learning for visual comparison
2010-2013 Hanlin Goh [PhD] (I2R Singapore) Image understanding with deep architectures
2010-2013 Sandra Avila [PhD] (UFMG, Brazil co-supervision) on image and video classification
2009-2013 Denis Pitzalis [PhD] (Chypre/Paris) Cultural heritage data indexing
2013 Alexis Lechervy [Post-Doc]
2011-2013 Jonathan Guyomard [Research Ing.]
2010-2012 Christian Thériault [Post-Doc]
2012 Rodrigo Minetto [PhD] (Unicamp, UPMC) – text detection and tracking in videos
2010-2011 Frédéric Precioso [CNRS delegation]
2011 Shuzi Zhao (PhD) – Video face detection and retrieval
2010 David Gorisse (PhD) on Video indexing
2010 David Picard [Post-Doc] – image search (near duplicate search) and learning (itowns project)
2009 Jonathan Fabrizio [Post-Doc] – text detection (itowns project)
2009 & 2010Corina Iovan [PhD & Post-Doc] Pattern recognition for vegetation extraction in urban area
2008 David Picard (PhD) on image retrieval through distributed databases
2008 Eduardo Valle [PhD] – image indexing techniques for fast retrieval Thesis
2007 G. Chavez [(PhD) on video segmentation and analysis
2005 PH. Gosselin [PhD] Thesis Active learning for content-based image retrieval (PDF)
2002 J. Fournier [PhD] Thesis now research engineer at Thales optronic
2002 M. B. Vieira (PhD) on 3D reconstruction now prof in UFJF, Brazil